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Squadron's Goals

Squadron's 2022 Goals 2022:

The goals for North Valley will be in three areas:

     a. Enhance Cadet Program in the Unit.

     b. Enhance Aerospace Educations.

     c. Enhance Emergency Service training. 

     d. Recruiting and Retention.

     e. Professional Development

Cadet Programs

     a. Arrange a minimum of 3 orientation flights for cates who want to fly by 1 DEC 2022.

     b. Develop cadet leadership skills, utilize cadet leadership to grow cadet staff. Utilize Cadet Staff Handbook. Have essential cadet positions filled by 1 DEC 2022.

     c. Have a cadet testing routine in place by 1 SEP 2022.

     d. Schedule and conduct a parent night on a 5th Thursday before 1 AUG 2022.

Aerospace Education

     a. Complete the AEX Program and receive the award by 1 OCT 2022.

     b. Poll cadets for favorite AEX lessons by 28 FEB 2022.

     c. All senior members earn the Yeager Award by 1 DEC 2022.

Emergency Services

     a. Have a minimum of 9 cadets ICUT qualified by 1 DEB 2022.

     b. Have a minimum of 3 cadets UDF qualified by 1 DEC 2022.

     c. Participate in FTX opportunities as schedule.

Recruiting and Retention. Each member should try to recruit 1 person by 1 DEC 2022.

Professional Development

     a. All cadets earn their curry within 60 days of joining.

     b. All seniors will complete Level 1 within 30 days of joining.

Goals Published: 13 JAN 2022

Goals Reviewed: 28 APR 2022

Goals Reviewed: 25 AUG 2022

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